Friday, 5 May 2017

Creative Space, Creative Mind.

Hey Guys,

 First post in a while! Lax isn’t even the word. It has been pretty full on with work, but as it’s Friday I thought there is no better time than now to crack on with a new post.

 I have finally managed to catch up on some interiors stuff, an article by Sally Coultard exploring creative spaces made by creative people caught my eye, it got me thinking about how we compose our surroundings and what it says about us. Specifically our work spaces; for artists and designers there seems to be a system in which we organise ourselves visually either via designated zones or  by absolute bedlam. Personally speaking my desk/ office space is very much organised chaos- I don’t work from home or have a studio so it is a little restricting when it comes to how I can arrange it. The studio and home office spaces- these are what I am looking at- the freedom to create them is what fascinates me! The composition, colour and textures in the room pull everything together resulting in a marvellous aesthetically appealing work space as well as reflecting upon the occupant as the one who made it.

 It is definitely important to feel ‘at home’ in your work space- for it to be both practical and personal. A fine example is the shared work space of Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers (Bloggers, USA)- both involved in the fashion/ social media industry, their collective of tastes has resulted in a wonderful area filled with personality- the leather club seating, taxidermy, accents of bold colour and Persian rugs. It works so well, they have utilised the storage in the best way- and visually worked the room to look like a piece of art. Those stark green walls, integrated shelving and chevron wood flooring is perfection- Absolute work space goals!

 On the other side of the spectrum, the studio of Sarah Campbell (textile Designer, UK) has no real ‘separated’ areas- it’s start and end flow into one, but actually this ‘organised chaos’  is minimal in this case and visually consistent. A blank white canvas that is ‘painted’ with her own prints and creations, and some simple timber furniture. It is bright and inviting as a work space- the pops of colour motivating whomever is lucky enough to occupy the area.

 The Space of Lise Meunier (ceramic artist, France) is a great comparison to show a sort of ‘in between’ set up. The décor is simple- it remains quite neutral but adorned with small forms of storage, ceramics and various other trinkets. It is very Rustic-French, shabby chic- a lovely portrayal of Lise’s personal taste, background and style of living.

 All of these are inspiring decoratively speaking in various ways- of course whether you are in a creative industry or not- everyone has their own preferences in terms of how and where they work best and what it should look like and what will make them most productive. There are always elements of that person showing through- we are presented with an insight into a taste and a character- I think you can tell a lot about an individual based on their choice of scatter cushions J  

Friday, 24 February 2017

Trend Report: Accessories & Styling 2017

Hey guys,

 Happy Friday!

 It’s been a busy start to the year with new trends and things to look out for coming months. We have already touched upon ‘Greenery’ pantone colour of 2017- but of course as creatives we won’t be limited to one shade or style. I have been looking into colours and concepts that are or will be impacting the world of interiors; fabrics, prints and accessories.

Aside from ‘Greenery’ I have spotted a lot of other shades trending- Rose Quartz, blue Steel, Mulberry and terracotta. The looming of spring brings with it injections of colour and with each shade comes texture and detail with accompanying accessories to complete a space. Last year the ‘pineapple’ accessory was huge- guilty…I have one in my lounge J With the ‘Greenery’ trend comes accessories in the form of cacti and botanical print. With Rose Quartz comes flamingos, mulberry and blue pairs with Agate. Each colour is connected with an element or detail in order to compliment or contrast.
 It is evident that many of these ‘on trend’ articles are relating back to this ‘earthy’ concept- there are a lot of natural textures and finishes being used- Jade, Coral, Marble to name a few are being used to finish off room sets and accentuate ‘natural’ themes. Not only this but there are more and more accessories and smaller pieces of furniture being cast out of metal in gold, chrome and brass to replicate nature- embracing the earth, and springs freshness. Michael Aram is a fine example of this artistry- gold plated leaf dishes, Lily pad side tables and olive branch candles- they are marvellous. What I love about this earthy concept is in terms of style and décor it works in either a contemporary or traditional space- minimal to art deco dressing with the right accessories and soft furnishings will illuminate the room- it’s all in the details.

 For more visuals and product details have a look at Michael Aram:

 For some amazing flamboyant wallpapers- I’m talking flamingos, palm leaves and all things colourful take a look at:

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Trash to Treasure: The Joy of Upcycling!

Hi Guys,
It’s been a while! It’s pretty obvious from my recent Instagram posts that I love an upcycle. I love the process of restoring the beauty in something or changing it into something unrecognisable (I have a friend that once made a fair ground bumper car into garden furniture… it was amazing). Not only the process fascinates me- but the time, dedication and skill involved is both lengthy and admirable. Whether it’s a complete rework, repaint or reupholster, however big or small- the end result is always so satisfying; all that hard work on display! It also makes each piece unique in its own right- one of a kind.
 My own personal experience with upcycling extends to cushion re-upholstery and sanding/ repainting a chest of drawers. Given this is not a substantial amount but I loved it- and will definitely be doing more in the future. The main reason I wanted to do this post is to credit one of my best friends Shelley- who has taught herself to upcycle and create some beautiful pieces. Artwork and woodwork, she is a little pro- proof that perseverance and dedication pays off. One of Shelley’s first projects was converting an old single bed into a bench, and since then she has progressed into working with palettes; creating garden furniture and most recently my fabulous coffee table (this was a personal request) J. It’s not just about sticking or nailing panels of wood together- there is so much more to it, having the knowledge of how to cut, sand, treat, oil and the overall finish. There are so many possibilities in achieving the end result you want. The beauty of  an upcycle is the element of trial and error, half the fun is in learning all these techniques; cracking paint, engraving, embossing, the use of Brixwax, or screen printing to revive a fabric or wallpaper. Those are just a few examples, the world of Pinterest and YouTube has made learning these techniques accessible to us- wonderful resources to have.
Please take a look at Shelley’s new Instagram page: Gishniph_designs the images are just a taster of what she can do. You can see the time, effort and skill that has gone into creating each piece. Enjoy!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

'Hayburn & Co.'; More than masters of Joinery

Happy New Year Everyone! I know it is five days late- but I have been busy at work and getting back into the routine of everyday life… Christmas is all but a distant memory now.

After thinking and researching for this post- I wanted to look at something that had grandeur in context; something I could reiterate to you all with my own opinions of course J. Hayburn & Co. A company which I have had the pleasure to deal with through work- are absolute masters at what they do. Notorious for their exquisite architecture and expert joinery skills, they rule the roost with interior design & supply… with some breath taking results.

The portfolio that Hayburn have produced is beyond impressive, comprehensive to say the least; from bespoke fitted furniture to sleek, elegant architectural joinery. I love their ability to create and design simultaneously. It’s not just the ‘Artisan’ styles that catch my eye but the whole process to manufacture and install. I first heard of them through a friend and have swiftly come to admire the flare they have for reinventing homes inside and out. Just by looking at a window or a door- I want to see more! The interior elements are a consistent compliment to the external aesthetic and craftsmanship.

I have always loved seeing inside the homes of those that have been reinvented- new or old, luxury or not- Maybe from watching too much of Cribs on MTV as a teen… who knows- but these guys nail it! The Surrey residence, Ascot retreat and the Irish Country house all stunning and all individual.  Perhaps one of the most outstanding areas of these being the flooring, the stairs or the window arches- so intricate and beautifully crafted. It is clear to see that they are working on some amazing projects with massive scales of space, where the natural light flows and the shell of an area alone is an artwork- and in doing this they have truly been able to show their capabilities within the industry. They have a truly classical quality that connects all areas of each project.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at and the images will do all the talking.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Pantone Colour of the Year: 2017 ‘Greenery’

Hi Guys,
Apologies again for my lack of posting in the last week- all thoughts have been on getting Christmas ready and thinking about what my next Christmas inspired meal might be :)
As it’s a grey Sunday, and I am sat in my mum and dads house- cup of tea in hand (gingerbread in the other) I figured now would be a good time to get this week’s post sorted- Better late than never!
Having spent the last few days researching for this post- it seemed only fitting that I looked at something involving 2017 and what is to come- after all it is almost upon us. I am thrilled that the pantone colour for 2017 is going to be ‘Greenery’- and I as I write this- ironically I am watching David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’- how clichéd of me.
I feel like many people are wary of using green shades especially within interiors. I love it- in the right space with the right balance it is awe inspiring. ‘Greenery’ and the idea of it- denotes innovation, a refreshing and revitalizing shade, it is symbolic of new beginnings. It is set to be big in the fashion, Interiors and Architecture world- bold accents in pattern, upholstery, accessories, and clothing alike are reinventing our surroundings; quite frankly after the 2016 we have had… it’s about time.
There are so many connotations that come with a colour like this- Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate. As a society we are also more aware of the environment and the eco-systems that surround us. Also being referred to as ‘A life-affirming shade’, Greenery is also illustrative of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality. Leatrice Eisemann, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute has said “The tangy yellow-green speaks to our desire to express, explore, experiment and reinvent, imparting a sense of buoyancy.”- I couldn’t agree more.

For me personally Green has always been an expressive hue that is versatile in most spaces- botanical wallpaper is a particular favourite- and paired with some plush velvets and some gold metals for example- I can’t get enough J Check out my instagram for a throwback image Decorex 2016- in which I assisted designer Suzy Hoodless with one of the champagne bars (upholstery & scatters). Something like this has so much more depth and interest to it, and aesthetically was a real success for all who saw it.

I am really excited for the potential in the use of ‘Greenery’- let’s see what 2017 brings… in every sense of the word.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Violet & George: 'The Interior Tailors'

Hi Guys J

Happy Friday!

Posts have been sparse this week- I haven’t forgotten, just been bogged down with work and attempting to get Christmas shopping done.

Violet & George- Established in 2009 have created some stunning interiors. It is clear that they have a passion for exquisite textiles and sumptuous, thoughtful design. After looking at their portfolio it’s obvious they have set about catering to each client’s individual taste and character. I love the eccentricity in the use of print and colour. In the ‘West London Apartment’ project and ‘Notting Hill Townhouse’; Daring rabbit imagery with a lime green radiator and a beautiful Jelly fish wall paper presents us with an audacious rock & roll chic but integrates the ideal of high end luxury- it is quite simply- fabulous!

It is understandable that Violet & George are referred to as ‘interior tailors’- offering flexible design services that range from upholstery, to paint, fabric, lighting and decorative elements that cover as much or as little as you need. There is a wonderful variety in what they have achieved- some very simple, clean spaces- neutral with some key statements via upholstery or lighting (Holland Park Townhouse), a traditional Chelsea Townhouse that boasts opulence with its use of marble, joinery and florals. Then there are the fantastic pops of extravagance and fun at ‘The Lancaster’s’ with its intricate cabinetry and Disney wall art- tastes that cater to a mix of people.

Director Nicky Mudie has a wealth of experience and an impressive CV to boot (having worked with Daniel Hopwood and Godreich interiors). She and her team have produced some outstanding spaces with exceptional levels of fit and finish. Check them out I am really excited to see future projects from a very talented bunch- not a dull interior to be seen J.  

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Interiors Inspiration: Maddux Creative

Hi guys,

Having stumbled across ‘Maddux Creative’ in Elle Décor and Instagram, I am now totally in awe of what they do; evidently they are some very talented people. Scott Maddux and Jo LeGleud- Founders of Maddux Creative have made a name for themselves- combining glamorous interiors with sourcing an eclectic mix of fixtures, fittings and furniture. Both Scott and Jo have bought their skills to the forefront of the industry, Scott having an interior Architecture background and Jo in fine art/ craft design- all of which is obvious in their portfolio of work.

Having worked on many diverse projects- they are a visual treat for anyone who loves interior design. From projects in the Hamptons to a Holland Park House- each one is different in aesthetic with an identity of its own- unique in content. This is what I love about their work- a consistent variation in textures and elements of design; from the Art work to the way the curtains are draped. Each section of a space works wonderfully regardless of the incorporation of different objects and colours. In many instances you can tell that many products have been sourced globally as well as that recognition of outstanding fabrics for suppliers like Dedar, GP&J Baker and De le Cuona to name a few. A great mix of resources are being tapped to achieve the best results.

A lot of curvature can be seen throughout- specifically furniture (e.g. Notting Hill House, Christies Interiors) which soften up the space and complement the surrounding colours and distinctive fixtures. Take a look at what they do:
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