Friday, 9 December 2016

Violet & George: 'The Interior Tailors'

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Posts have been sparse this week- I haven’t forgotten, just been bogged down with work and attempting to get Christmas shopping done.

Violet & George- Established in 2009 have created some stunning interiors. It is clear that they have a passion for exquisite textiles and sumptuous, thoughtful design. After looking at their portfolio it’s obvious they have set about catering to each client’s individual taste and character. I love the eccentricity in the use of print and colour. In the ‘West London Apartment’ project and ‘Notting Hill Townhouse’; Daring rabbit imagery with a lime green radiator and a beautiful Jelly fish wall paper presents us with an audacious rock & roll chic but integrates the ideal of high end luxury- it is quite simply- fabulous!

It is understandable that Violet & George are referred to as ‘interior tailors’- offering flexible design services that range from upholstery, to paint, fabric, lighting and decorative elements that cover as much or as little as you need. There is a wonderful variety in what they have achieved- some very simple, clean spaces- neutral with some key statements via upholstery or lighting (Holland Park Townhouse), a traditional Chelsea Townhouse that boasts opulence with its use of marble, joinery and florals. Then there are the fantastic pops of extravagance and fun at ‘The Lancaster’s’ with its intricate cabinetry and Disney wall art- tastes that cater to a mix of people.

Director Nicky Mudie has a wealth of experience and an impressive CV to boot (having worked with Daniel Hopwood and Godreich interiors). She and her team have produced some outstanding spaces with exceptional levels of fit and finish. Check them out I am really excited to see future projects from a very talented bunch- not a dull interior to be seen J.  

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