Friday, 25 November 2016

Trend Report: The Rose Gold 'Movement'

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I am seeing mixed metals everywhere at the moment- specifically a massive influx of Rose Gold- the interiors and fashion industry have gone nuts for it! Having always loved a metallic finish the Rose Gold ‘movement’ (as I am now referring to it J ) is a breath of fresh air- whether its paired with marble, wood or a plush textile- I can’t get enough of it.

This elegant and pretty metal is being used across the board- hair dye, jewellery, make-up, furniture, textiles, fashion- the list goes on. My main point here is to look at it from an interiors perspective- its generally soft hue complements most surroundings and colours rather than overshadowing them. Larger statement pieces are most effective in the form of bath tubs, coffee tables, pendant lighting or bar stools. That being said integrating Rose gold accessories into a space livens and uplifts even in small doses. I love the versatility of this finish- to use it with a bold monochrome print or a combination of natural materials- wood and marble, or a collective of pastels it accentuates other features within the area. Its all about balance- as is the case with most elements of the design process.

There has been a lot of demand specifically for the Rose Gold marble combo- I have had clients specify this with high gloss lacquered timber for that high end luxury look (see Rosa range . The Rosa collection resonates with art Deco style but remains contemporary with its overall finish- a great mixture. Clean lines and simple structures paired with glass is also a winning product- I love the Candor coffee & side tables (sold by more modern than the Rosa range with its minimalistic aesthetic- these would be amazing dressed up or dressed down; the geometric lines creating a visual symmetry in the right room.

One things for sure after doing my research… I want a Rose Gold coffee table and some Rose Gold Nikes… why not- its Friday! J

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