Thursday, 1 December 2016

Interiors Inspiration: Maddux Creative

Hi guys,

Having stumbled across ‘Maddux Creative’ in Elle Décor and Instagram, I am now totally in awe of what they do; evidently they are some very talented people. Scott Maddux and Jo LeGleud- Founders of Maddux Creative have made a name for themselves- combining glamorous interiors with sourcing an eclectic mix of fixtures, fittings and furniture. Both Scott and Jo have bought their skills to the forefront of the industry, Scott having an interior Architecture background and Jo in fine art/ craft design- all of which is obvious in their portfolio of work.

Having worked on many diverse projects- they are a visual treat for anyone who loves interior design. From projects in the Hamptons to a Holland Park House- each one is different in aesthetic with an identity of its own- unique in content. This is what I love about their work- a consistent variation in textures and elements of design; from the Art work to the way the curtains are draped. Each section of a space works wonderfully regardless of the incorporation of different objects and colours. In many instances you can tell that many products have been sourced globally as well as that recognition of outstanding fabrics for suppliers like Dedar, GP&J Baker and De le Cuona to name a few. A great mix of resources are being tapped to achieve the best results.

A lot of curvature can be seen throughout- specifically furniture (e.g. Notting Hill House, Christies Interiors) which soften up the space and complement the surrounding colours and distinctive fixtures. Take a look at what they do:

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