Friday, 5 May 2017

Creative Space, Creative Mind.

Hey Guys,

 First post in a while! Lax isn’t even the word. It has been pretty full on with work, but as it’s Friday I thought there is no better time than now to crack on with a new post.

 I have finally managed to catch up on some interiors stuff, an article by Sally Coultard exploring creative spaces made by creative people caught my eye, it got me thinking about how we compose our surroundings and what it says about us. Specifically our work spaces; for artists and designers there seems to be a system in which we organise ourselves visually either via designated zones or  by absolute bedlam. Personally speaking my desk/ office space is very much organised chaos- I don’t work from home or have a studio so it is a little restricting when it comes to how I can arrange it. The studio and home office spaces- these are what I am looking at- the freedom to create them is what fascinates me! The composition, colour and textures in the room pull everything together resulting in a marvellous aesthetically appealing work space as well as reflecting upon the occupant as the one who made it.

 It is definitely important to feel ‘at home’ in your work space- for it to be both practical and personal. A fine example is the shared work space of Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers (Bloggers, USA)- both involved in the fashion/ social media industry, their collective of tastes has resulted in a wonderful area filled with personality- the leather club seating, taxidermy, accents of bold colour and Persian rugs. It works so well, they have utilised the storage in the best way- and visually worked the room to look like a piece of art. Those stark green walls, integrated shelving and chevron wood flooring is perfection- Absolute work space goals!

 On the other side of the spectrum, the studio of Sarah Campbell (textile Designer, UK) has no real ‘separated’ areas- it’s start and end flow into one, but actually this ‘organised chaos’  is minimal in this case and visually consistent. A blank white canvas that is ‘painted’ with her own prints and creations, and some simple timber furniture. It is bright and inviting as a work space- the pops of colour motivating whomever is lucky enough to occupy the area.

 The Space of Lise Meunier (ceramic artist, France) is a great comparison to show a sort of ‘in between’ set up. The décor is simple- it remains quite neutral but adorned with small forms of storage, ceramics and various other trinkets. It is very Rustic-French, shabby chic- a lovely portrayal of Lise’s personal taste, background and style of living.

 All of these are inspiring decoratively speaking in various ways- of course whether you are in a creative industry or not- everyone has their own preferences in terms of how and where they work best and what it should look like and what will make them most productive. There are always elements of that person showing through- we are presented with an insight into a taste and a character- I think you can tell a lot about an individual based on their choice of scatter cushions J  

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