Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Winter is coming...

Hey guys,

Happy Hump day! It’s been a chilly grey start to the week here in the big smoke- dark mornings and even darker nights autumns transition to winter is well and truly upon us. For me this time of year is all about ginger bread lattes, chunky knitwear and snuggling down with a duvet (in between working of course). We are surrounded by autumnal hues everywhere- I love the warmth and texture that this season brings. Although I am not in the least bit Christmas Ready- still very much enjoying the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Autumn and winter has always provoked the urge to renovate and implement change- maybe that’s because being indoors with a cuppa is more appealing- or that I don’t need an excuse to want to decorate or source something new and beautiful… warm ochre's, rich reds, tree greens- colour being just one element that evokes this urge and all the connotations that come with this time of year.

Sit back with your gingerbread latte and take a look at my Instagram for a quick peek at some use of plush velvets, textures and general finishing touches that inspire me and represent some of the reasons why I love interior design.

As a first post I wanted to keep this short and sweet- but also show a small part of how I express what I love. This blog will be all about interiors and inspiration… maybe some random little bits thrown in… it is all a bit trial and error at the moment. My friend Monika inspired me to go ahead and get the ball rolling with this… she has an amazing blog so make sure you give it a look over :)

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