Thursday, 5 January 2017

'Hayburn & Co.'; More than masters of Joinery

Happy New Year Everyone! I know it is five days late- but I have been busy at work and getting back into the routine of everyday life… Christmas is all but a distant memory now.

After thinking and researching for this post- I wanted to look at something that had grandeur in context; something I could reiterate to you all with my own opinions of course J. Hayburn & Co. A company which I have had the pleasure to deal with through work- are absolute masters at what they do. Notorious for their exquisite architecture and expert joinery skills, they rule the roost with interior design & supply… with some breath taking results.

The portfolio that Hayburn have produced is beyond impressive, comprehensive to say the least; from bespoke fitted furniture to sleek, elegant architectural joinery. I love their ability to create and design simultaneously. It’s not just the ‘Artisan’ styles that catch my eye but the whole process to manufacture and install. I first heard of them through a friend and have swiftly come to admire the flare they have for reinventing homes inside and out. Just by looking at a window or a door- I want to see more! The interior elements are a consistent compliment to the external aesthetic and craftsmanship.

I have always loved seeing inside the homes of those that have been reinvented- new or old, luxury or not- Maybe from watching too much of Cribs on MTV as a teen… who knows- but these guys nail it! The Surrey residence, Ascot retreat and the Irish Country house all stunning and all individual.  Perhaps one of the most outstanding areas of these being the flooring, the stairs or the window arches- so intricate and beautifully crafted. It is clear to see that they are working on some amazing projects with massive scales of space, where the natural light flows and the shell of an area alone is an artwork- and in doing this they have truly been able to show their capabilities within the industry. They have a truly classical quality that connects all areas of each project.

Don’t just take my word for it though, take a look at and the images will do all the talking.

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