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Trend Report: Accessories & Styling 2017

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 It’s been a busy start to the year with new trends and things to look out for coming months. We have already touched upon ‘Greenery’ pantone colour of 2017- but of course as creatives we won’t be limited to one shade or style. I have been looking into colours and concepts that are or will be impacting the world of interiors; fabrics, prints and accessories.

Aside from ‘Greenery’ I have spotted a lot of other shades trending- Rose Quartz, blue Steel, Mulberry and terracotta. The looming of spring brings with it injections of colour and with each shade comes texture and detail with accompanying accessories to complete a space. Last year the ‘pineapple’ accessory was huge- guilty…I have one in my lounge J With the ‘Greenery’ trend comes accessories in the form of cacti and botanical print. With Rose Quartz comes flamingos, mulberry and blue pairs with Agate. Each colour is connected with an element or detail in order to compliment or contrast.
 It is evident that many of these ‘on trend’ articles are relating back to this ‘earthy’ concept- there are a lot of natural textures and finishes being used- Jade, Coral, Marble to name a few are being used to finish off room sets and accentuate ‘natural’ themes. Not only this but there are more and more accessories and smaller pieces of furniture being cast out of metal in gold, chrome and brass to replicate nature- embracing the earth, and springs freshness. Michael Aram is a fine example of this artistry- gold plated leaf dishes, Lily pad side tables and olive branch candles- they are marvellous. What I love about this earthy concept is in terms of style and décor it works in either a contemporary or traditional space- minimal to art deco dressing with the right accessories and soft furnishings will illuminate the room- it’s all in the details.

 For more visuals and product details have a look at Michael Aram:

 For some amazing flamboyant wallpapers- I’m talking flamingos, palm leaves and all things colourful take a look at:

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