Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Trash to Treasure: The Joy of Upcycling!

Hi Guys,
It’s been a while! It’s pretty obvious from my recent Instagram posts that I love an upcycle. I love the process of restoring the beauty in something or changing it into something unrecognisable (I have a friend that once made a fair ground bumper car into garden furniture… it was amazing). Not only the process fascinates me- but the time, dedication and skill involved is both lengthy and admirable. Whether it’s a complete rework, repaint or reupholster, however big or small- the end result is always so satisfying; all that hard work on display! It also makes each piece unique in its own right- one of a kind.
 My own personal experience with upcycling extends to cushion re-upholstery and sanding/ repainting a chest of drawers. Given this is not a substantial amount but I loved it- and will definitely be doing more in the future. The main reason I wanted to do this post is to credit one of my best friends Shelley- who has taught herself to upcycle and create some beautiful pieces. Artwork and woodwork, she is a little pro- proof that perseverance and dedication pays off. One of Shelley’s first projects was converting an old single bed into a bench, and since then she has progressed into working with palettes; creating garden furniture and most recently my fabulous coffee table (this was a personal request) J. It’s not just about sticking or nailing panels of wood together- there is so much more to it, having the knowledge of how to cut, sand, treat, oil and the overall finish. There are so many possibilities in achieving the end result you want. The beauty of  an upcycle is the element of trial and error, half the fun is in learning all these techniques; cracking paint, engraving, embossing, the use of Brixwax, or screen printing to revive a fabric or wallpaper. Those are just a few examples, the world of Pinterest and YouTube has made learning these techniques accessible to us- wonderful resources to have.
Please take a look at Shelley’s new Instagram page: Gishniph_designs the images are just a taster of what she can do. You can see the time, effort and skill that has gone into creating each piece. Enjoy!

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